The Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope!

From Earth, the Sun appears to be just a glowing yellow orb. However, the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope in Hawaii has captured new images of the Sun that reveal its violent and explosive nature. This massive four-meter telescope has the technological capabilities that are necessary to better understand the Sun’s magnetic field and outer […]

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The Dark Side of the Moon?

The Moon is tidally locked to the Earth, which means that we always see the same side of the Moon. People have come to call the side of the moon that we do not see the “dark side” of the Moon, as they think that this side never sees the sun and that the Moon’s […]

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This is my first blog post for ASTRO2110 The Solar System. I am really excited for this blog. I hope to discuss many fun space-related topics, including craters like the one pictured above. I visited Meteor Crater on a road trip from California to Nashville with my brother. This crater is spectacular and definitely worth […]

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