The Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope!

A beautifully detailed image of the Sun’s burning plasma taken by the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope.

From Earth, the Sun appears to be just a glowing yellow orb. However, the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope in Hawaii has captured new images of the Sun that reveal its violent and explosive nature. This massive four-meter telescope has the technological capabilities that are necessary to better understand the Sun’s magnetic field and outer atmosphere. The large aperture allows for greater resolution than any other solar telescope, meaning we can see clearer images than ever before. The image above was captured by this telescope. The large cells of burning plasma are visible in incredible detail. The bright centers and darker edges of these Texas-sized demonstrate the dynamic and raging motion of the Sun’s surface. Going into the future, the information collected from this telescope will spur new discoveries and a better understanding of the Sun and its impact on the solar system.

About the Solar Telescope

New York Times article

2 thoughts on “The Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope!

  1. Hi Olivia. I have seen this image all over the internet in the last week and am infatuated by it. I like that you have mentioned that the image shows the “violent” nature of the Sun. Did you know that the Sun’s surface temperature is 9,941°F? I won’t be making a trip to the Sun’s surface any time soon!

    Moreover, I think that it is incredible how scientists can capture a picture of our Sun – which is so far away – in such impressive detail. I would love to see a high resolution photo like this of some of our nearby planets like Jupiter or Saturn. Thank you so much for sharing your post!

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  2. TA Response:

    Very impressive image! The resolution clearly demonstrates why there was motivation to build the Inouye Telescope to help tackle the questions of solar physics.

    For example one of the major puzzles of solar physics is even though the sun cools from a mind blowing 27 million °F at its core to 9,941°F at the surface the ultra diffuse gas surrounding the surface of the sun (the corona) is somehow over 1 million °F.

    It has long been assumed magnetic fields play a crucial role in causing this, but the Inouye Telescope may be revolutionary is determining the the exact physics at play!


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