Earth’s “twin”

Venus used to be a lot like Earth.

Venus is often called Earth’s twin, because of their similar sizes and locations relative to the Sun. However, there is a big thing that makes Venus very different from Earth: its atmosphere. Venus’s atmosphere is 96% carbon dioxide, while Earth’s is only 0.04%. This chemical composition causes such intense greenhouse effects that Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system, even though Mercury is closer to the Sun. At a whopping 880 degrees Fahrenheit, scientists fear that Venus is giving us a glimpse of our future. Like Venus, Earth’s atmosphere will continue to warm up, evaporate oceans, and trap more heat. With climate change looming over our heads, it is important to keep Venus in our minds. People would likely regret not taking the appropriate measures when our atmosphere turns into a hot, heavy blanket sooner than it needs to. I’d prefer a blue sky to an orange one any day.

One thought on “Earth’s “twin”

  1. From a TA: The effects of global warming and the present state of Venus is definitely a stark reminder that we must be more mindful of our pollutants moving forward. Terraforming is always an interesting concept and I just started playing this game app called terragenesis that’s pretty fun. You can take any planet in the solar system and work on making it habitable. For Venus, reducing the temperature and atmospheric pressure would be the first challenges.


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